CFP: CAA2019 3D Publishing and Sustainability: Taking Steps Forward

CALL FOR SESSION PARTICIPANTS at Computer Applications and Quantitative Methods in Archaeology (CAA) 2019 Meeting in Krakow, Poland, April 23-27, 2019

(Session 37) 3D Publishing and Sustainability: Taking Steps Forward

The adoption of 3D technologies for visualization, documentation, interpretation and analysis of material culture in Archaeology creates many new questions about the dissemination and curation of scholarly products. Can 3D scholarship be published and sustained in a robust and accessible way for the future? How can new platforms and technologies allow for more comprehensive forms of interactive publishing, allowing readers to query and critique the 3D content? What new formats could allow readers access to the decision-making processes of the author, so their interpretations can be peer reviewed? Can we push forward academic journal and monograph publishing to include 3D scholarly content in ways that bring it to the fore, not use it as fancy illustrations to a traditional textual argument? How can archaeologists promote the development of open-source platforms for sharing 3D content and contribute to its future preservation and sustainability? As web-browsers, software and hardware rapidly change, how will 3D information be archived into new formats for future access? This session will ask archaeologists already working intensely with 3D content to reflect on the future of 3D publishing.

Participants will make 10-minute presentations on their own work, showing how they have grappled with the question of disseminating archaeological 3D content in ways that allow for robust interaction by readers, promoting understanding through the integration of 3D with text, audio, imagery, etc. We encourage speakers to define 2-3 current challenges to 3D publication and dissemination of knowledge, and to offer suggestions to facing these challenges collectively as a field. After each group of speakers, we will break for group discussion, and the last part of the session (45-60 min) will be directed to collectively define next steps forward. Please see the link above for full description of the session.

Interested participants should follow instructions on how to submit a “paper” here: and once in the submission process, choose S37 as the “conference track.”

Submissions close October 10, 2018

Questions about the session? Contact the directors:

Heather Richards-Rissetto, University of Lincoln-Nebraska (

Elaine Sullivan, University of California Santa Cruz (