SAA 2019 DDIG Meeting Info, Agenda Items, Events

SAA 2019 DDIG Meeting Info, Agenda Items, Events

This year, DDIG is joining forces with the Open Science Interest Group and Quantarch for a combined interest group meeting.

Friday, April 12 7:00 pm–9:00 pm 60 Chaco (ACC)

To add items to the agenda, please email joleneupdikesmith AT gmail DOT com or kjnmyers AT gmail DOT com

DDIG Business Meeting tentative agenda

  • Old Business
    • Annual report submission (Noack Myers)
    • Next chair election in 2021 (Noack Myers/Smith)
  • New Business
    • Communications/ e-community (Smith)
    • Data sharing motion (this may be on the OSIG agenda)
    • DDIG priorities survey
    • Data Sharing Task Force (Josh Wells)
  • Announcements
    • Kate Ellenberger, Coalition for American Heritage. Heritage Advocacy Database

DDIG Sponsored Sessions

Don’t forget to stop by DDIG’s sponsored sessions.

Capacity Building or Community Making? Training and Transitions in Digital Archaeology #S87
Room - 18 Cochiti/30 Taos
Time - Thursday, 11 April, 1pm-5pm
Chair: Katherine Cook

Openness & Sensitivity: Practical Concerns in Taking Archaeological Data Online #S385
Room - 110 Galisteo
Time - Sunday, 14 April, 8am-10am
Chair: Jolene Smith
Session website with papers no-alignment