SAA 2020 DDIG-sponsored sessions and planning

Hello DDIG community,

We’re gearing up for SAA 2020 in Austin. For those planning to attend, please consider joining in one of our interest group’s sponsored sessions or proposing your own for sponsorship.


Session Title: Digital Archaeology Lightning Tutorials

Moderators: Jolene Smith and Kelsey Noack Myers

This session will feature 5 minute “lightning talk” demonstrations of digital tools and quick tutorials on helpful skills. Examples could be things like “How to upload a preprint to an open repository” or “Making an interactive map with Storymap.js and Google Sheets.” Do you know about a tool or skill that’s useful and accessible to colleagues with beginner or intermediate digital archaeology experience? Propose a tutorial!

Submit your topic idea to us by 9/3:

Session Title: Digital Archaeological Methods in the Commercial Sector

Session Organizer: Stephen C. Wagner (Bison Historical Services Ltd.)

For commercial archaeologists, the process of completing compliance-oriented work has long included the management of archaeological data. As information technologies continue to develop, we find ourselves increasingly incorporating digital methods into our workflows. In keeping with oft cited policies of doing “more with less,” these are not just translations of extant processes. Instead, these are often both an expansion of the amount and types of data we use. This electronic symposium is intended to explore where digital methods have been used within the commercial sector and identify lessons learned. The goal is to begin discussion and identification of best practices for digital methods within the private sector of cultural resource management, with a particular aim to increase communication between different regions. What digital methods are we adopting? What are the challenges of adopting those methods?

In keeping with the electronic symposium format, presenters will provide a full-length presentation paper prior to the conference and will present a short summary at the session, which will then be followed by a discussion. If you are interested in participating, please send a title and abstract to Stephen Wagner at stephen AT by 29 August, 2019.

Have you organized a session that you’d like DDIG to sponsor? Contact us at joleneupdikesmith AT gmail DOT com or kjnmyers AT gmail DOT com


After last year’s successful triple-interest group meeting with DDIG, Quantarch, and OSIG, we’re planning on doing it again, this time requesting a larger room. Do you have agenda items? Propose them to us for inclusion.


SAA staff will discontinue email distribution to interest groups at the end of 2019 in favor of the new e-communities on the SAA website. In the meantime, we will continue to provide announcements here as well as in the e-community. Stay tuned for another post coming soon about how to join our e-community and ensure that you continue receiving interest group communications.

Feel free to reach out with any questions, ideas, or considerations, Jolene Smith and Kelsey Noack Myers, DDIG Co-Chairs